Assembling digital infrastructure

Would you use co-location hosting if it was easier?

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Your data center contract.
Your hardware.
Your network.

Work with your own hardware

In a data center that you choose

With your preferred network providers.

Infrassembly handles your hardware and network .

Infrassembly look after your data center co-located hardware, network, and data center interactions.

You are clear to focus on your businesses’ digital platform.

Everything is better with a supportive partner

What do you actually do? And how do you do it? Co-location. Minus the stress and hassle

Co-location hosting support

We help you choose a data center, and equipment

We plan the deployment

We install the equipment and configure it for remote access

You install your digital services

We monitor your setup and look after it

Making your operations team look good

Our Infrassembly team partners with your operations team. We collaborate on your co-located data center infrastructure.

  • You tell us your requirements.
  • We consult with you on your hardware needs and the data center selection process.
  • You order equipment.
  • You contract with a data center.
  • We manage the supply chain process from order tracking, delivery, storage and deployment to your cabinets.
  • We handle power provisioning, network connections, remote access configuration.
  • You provision your digital services.
  • We keep a constant eye on your crucial data-center co-located equipment. We provide a looking glass into your equipment and its status.

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The hardware you need.

Machine learning with GPUs.

Data insights powered by NVMe storage arrays.

Response times you control - not your hypercloud neighbors - using the latest CPUs

Plan to succeed from the outset

Advising where it counts

Infrassembly will help you to:

  • Pick a data center
  • Choose equipment
  • Design a network

Why can't co-location hosting be easier?

Where is the right location?

Which provider to use?

Is the pricing reasonable?

Is the data center hosting agreement and pricing fair?

What equipment is needed?

How will it all fit together?

Where will you get the equipment?

What co-location services will you need?

What if co-location hosting was a lot easier?

There are lots of decisions to make prior to co-locating your private infrastructure in a data center.

Start a conversation with us, we love sharing our experience and helping you through the process.

How we can help:

  • First and foremost, we work to understand your hosting needs.
  • Short list data centers that would be a good fit for you.
  • Negotiate your terms and pricing. Data center. Bandwidth. Equipment.
  • Size your initial deployment and physical architecture within the data center.
  • Help source your equipment.
  • Design your in-data center network architecture.
  • Negotiate with your bandwidth providers so you have all the network capacity and resilience you need.
  • Prepare your hosting cost budget.

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“Some assembly required” slowing you down?

From ordering hardware to the first bootstrap

Supply chain logistics: handled

Devices: Racked, stacked, patched, and ready for login

Spending way too much time setting up your gear?

Over days or weeks your gear starts arriving at the data center. Your switches, servers, storage nodes, KVMs, console servers, cables, and accessories.

You are then faced with the daunting task of unpacking the gear, racking it, and making it accessible.

Are you looking forward to spending weeks in a remote location busting knuckles on server rails and pulling hair getting devices remotely accessible?

Would it be easier if you had a partner managing the deployment project process for you?

[ nice photos of tidily cabled gear ]

"Devices, assemble!"

Infrassembly will help you figure out where each piece of equipment should be located.

We plan how it should all connect.

We keep track of your orders and delivery supply chain logistics.

We work with the data center remote hands to get your equipment racked, powered, and tidily cabled.

When we are done, we hand over access to your devops team.

You now have remote access to an environment primed to deploy your digital services.

Worried about things going wrong?

Your digital infrastructure looking glass

Data center hardware monitored

Failures found and fixed

Environment visualized

Fear of failure keeping you awake at night?

You can’t have hardware without hardware failures.

Drives fail. Switch ports die. Fans stop spinning. Power supplies stop supplying power. Uplinks can max out. Servers can stop pinging. Unmonitored PDU power usage can trip breakers.

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Let us help you sleep better

A good co-located hosting setup will make it possible for you to have the redundancy and resiliency required for peace of mind.

We help create a physically redundant environment .

Our Infrassembly platform monitors your hardware. By configuring alerts we can detect and resolve failures - sometimes even before they occur - in your resilient hardware setup.

Infrassembly resolves these problems as they occur, often before they have any impact on your services.

With Infrassembly your hardware is managed so that hardware problems don't become business problems .

Our staff are experts in getting to the root cause of hardware issues.

On a daily basis we sort out: drives, PSUs, fans, CPUs, memory. We are familiar with many hardware brands.

[ explainer pane? To right? E.g. about snmp, different traps, image of web platform ]

Your crucial digital infrastructure,
in a safe pair of hands

We have seen it all

Decades of experience

Data centers around the world

Cabinets and cages

Remotely managing servers, switches, console servers, firewalls

Launched in 2023, Infrassembly is a RimuHosting business.

The founders behind Infrassembly have been managing co-location hosting operations since 2003 across 18 different data centers .

They have managed RimuHosting's hosting infrastructure. As well as private clients' hardware clusters, and co-located hardware.

Join thousands of others who have had success trusting our staff to manage their data-center based digital infrastructure.

Want to deal with the experts?

We have been drinking our own champagne for 20 years

The ideas for many great businesses are inspired by the skills and experiences of their founders .

The Infrassembly team’s expertise developed through managing RimuHosting’s hosting infrastructure.

RimuHosting case study

RimuHosting introduced technology that made it possible for a single physical server to be split into multiple virtual machines. They provide this virtual-machine-as-a-service using servers co-located in data centers.

The Infrassembly staff manage RimuHosting’s footprints in data centers across North America, Europe and Oceania.

The RimuHosting setup is typically: network link from the data center, core network, top of rack switches, and compute device intensive cabinets hosting VM hypervisor hosts.

Typical equipment in their environment includes Cisco Nexus switches, and Supermicro servers.

How easy is it to work with Infrassembly?

A part of your team

Accessible via Slack channel

Regular video meetings

A real partner in your operations team

'Private Client', a case study

Infrassembly staff manage the co-location hosting operation for an Nasdaq 100 client running an IoT device business.

Our clients' remote devices offload and store data on their data center co-located servers.

Their customers can then manage their devices from a dashboard running on hardware in the data center.

Our private client's data center operations manager says: I really appreciate what you [..] guys did to make me successful at [private client]

Hundreds of cabinets , across continents, all the nice gear

Typical equipment in their environment includes ASR routers, Nexus distribution and top of rack switching.

Each rack includes compute servers with integrated storage. Typically fibre from data center entrance to server port. They typically operate from biometrically secured private cages in the data center.

[ stats ticker - non sensitive info . nexus switching | asr | m5 compute | s3260 storage | Asia | Oceania | North America | Europe | DM-VPN | BGP | firewall | AWS inter connect | 100g fibre]

Your project's needs, our experience. A recipe for success.

Infrassembly staff handle incoming pallets of servers and switches , get them into cabinets, and configure them to the point of remote access for the client’s site reliability engineering (SRE) team.

Infrassembly is a trusted partner to our client's data center operations team.

Our network team has architected a resilient WAN that connects these globally distributed locations.

We share a Slack channel, which is convenient for co-ordinating ad-hoc tasks, and for planning.

A weekly video call helps ensure that projects are progressing apace, and everyone is on top of any issues.

How does it feel to work with us?

I have been leading IT departments for more than 15 years in world class organizations like Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Cemex, Gerdau, etc. Let me tell you that I have never been so impressed. The quality of your technical support staff and the way they care for customer satisfaction is superb. - Miguel

Just want to express my appreciation on how well Rimuhosting supports and communicates with the clients. Rimuhosting is truly an amazing company to stay with. Thanks for all of your great work. - Aaron

Your team is phenomenal, I've dealt with many people on your team so far and I think your "Support is definitely Worth Raving About" - Fady

Thanks for this, really makes the value in managed servers clear! - Tony

Thank you so much. I've feel like I've stumbled into an alternate universe with the support I've gotten in the short time I've been a customer. You guys are awesome. - Kevin

By the way, you guys are awesome and have the best response time of any company I've ever worked with. And I've worked with HP, IBM, etc. all on supposed "Tier 1" accounts. Those were full of epic fail. - Chris

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the great service and excellent support you provided me through out the last 2 years here. I think you guys really ROCK. You are professional, attentive to detail and best of all you have amazing response turn around. - Maissa

Thank you very much for all your help. You guys spoil me. Excellence is so rare in customer service these days and it's a delight to receive it so consistently from you! - Steve

You know, business is business, but you guys are the best I've run across in MANY years of IT... I'm the IT Principal Architect for a global company and have seen the range of services - your group has been consistently solid with communication, responsiveness, and relationships. - Jim

This is a big moment for us, as we finally begin to roll out our betas. And there's no other hosting company I'd trust to be with right now than Rimu. From our days in Boston, to Chicago, and now finally in Palo Alto - I'm glad we've stuck with you. Thank you for running such a great company with such great employees - Atif

The BBC are hosting their cutting edge projects at Rimu, and we're very happy with the service. - Ian Forrester (Producer, BBC)

If it was biologically possible I would have your babies. - Matt

No one co-locates any more. Or do they?

Co-location: hosting done right, for less

Like being in control?

Prefer money in your pocket , not Amazon's?

But: can it be done easily?

Co-location: Hosting done right, for less

Co-location can be a better alternative to hyperscale cloud services

Everything old is new again. We are seeing businesses that want to have more control over their web services moving from public cloud providers back onto their own equipment within data centers.

Why co-locate?

  • Control. Privacy control. More control over maintenance timing.
  • Choose your hardware. Custom storage setup that scale to the size and speed you need. Incorporate ad-hoc GPU assistance.
  • Regain control of your compliance capabilities.
  • Often 6x cheaper than equivalent hyper scale cloud services
  • Abundant network connection options. Dedicated connections to cloud providers. Access to wholesale bandwidth pricing. Managing corporate VPN hubs.
  • Keep using all the technology you expect in the cloud: Kubernetes. VMs. Containers. GPUs. Storage networks. Micro services.

But: it’s a bit more work and requires a bit of thought. Make it easy with a partner who has been doing it for years.

[Who colocates? Hosting businesses. Suits technologies that make independent decisions rather than following the crowd. ]

Remind me, what is co-location?


Your own hardware

In a data center

Your own networking gear

One or more network connections (from data center or 3rd party provider)

Pay for hardware, space, power, network

Dedicated servers

Select or configure a physical server with a web host

In a data center

Pay to rent a server


Press a button, get a server

In a data center

Pay a monthly fee

Lowest cost at scale

Highest control

High involvement

Mid cost

Mid control

Mid involvement

High cost

Control: Depends on provider

Involvement: Depends on provider

[Automation explainer]

[ skip for now, develop later on ]

  • Scripts to deploy switches, servers
  • Management hosts with network interfaces
  • Jump hosts
  • Console access
  • Out of band network/access
  • Config network on cimc, dhcp for ip, pxeboot for boot images
  • QA: testing network connections, ports correct, validate mac addresses, check hardware is to spec (memory, drives, cpu)
  • Records keeping

So how much are we talking?

Simple, affordable pricing

Typical setup fee USD 2,000-5,000 for planning an initial deployment.

Starting at USD 2000/month for up to two cabinets. Then from USD 800/month per cabinet.

No mark ups on your direct costs: remote hands fees, data center costs, equipment costs, bandwidth costs.

Don’t need a full cabinet of gear? We can purchase and host custom hardware for you (through RimuHosting’s managed hosting services).

You couldn't hire Infrassembly's experience at any price

No markups on your equipment and hosting costs

Why hire a team of data center operations gurus when you can use ours for the price of a one-day-a-week engineer.

Every great partnership starts with a meeting

Partnerships begin with an exchange of ideas

Tell us about your business. What your deployment plans are. Where you are in the process. And we’ll arrange a time to meet to discuss how we can assist.

Live chat: Reach us Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM NZST

Office address: 60 Victoria St, Cambridge, New Zealand

Connect with the people behind the service

Tell us about the setup you'd like us to be involved in.

SRE team Assembly Plan for easy deployments

Tell us about your needs, we will meet, and we will provide you a no cost, tailored Assembly Plan for your SRE team to make their next hardware deployment into a data center a hassle free process. The Assembly Plan will cover each step of your deployment process from selecting a data center, ordering equipment, assembling it on site, and enabling remote access to your hardware.

Due to the work that goes into the Assembly Plan this no-cost offer is limited to one prospect per week.

Success through people

Glenn: operations director.

Yifan: networking architect.